Макросы для Push трафика

[SUB_LIST_ID] — returns a unique Subscriber list ID
[PUBLISHER_ID] — returns a unique ID of the publisher that can contain several websites
[SITE_ID] — returns a unique website ID
[SITE_SECTION_ID] — returns a unique ID of a website section, where subscribers were collected

[CLICK_ID] — returns a unique click ID (for conversion tracking)
[BID_PRICE] — returns winning price of the click

[CAMPAIGN_ID] — returns a unique campaign ID in our system
[CAMPAIGN_NAME] — returns a campaign name
[CREATIVE_ID] — returns a unique creative ID

[COUNTRY] — returns a country name
[COUNTRY_CODE] — returns a 3-letter country code
[REGION] — returns a region name
[CITY] — returns a city name

[OS] — returns an OS name and version
[OS_ONLY] — returns an OS name
[OS_VER] — returns an OS version
[USERAGENT] — returns a browser useragent string
[IP] — returns a user’s IP
[USER_ID] — returns a unique ID of the visitor

[RANDOM_NUMBER] — ensures that a fresh call is made to the ad server every time the code is executed

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